Fritz Aquatics Pond Barley Extract All Natural Water Clarifier

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Fritz Aquatics Pond Barley Extract keeps your pond water clear naturally, providing all the cleansing benefits of barley straw with none of the mess. The natural barley fermentation process produces enzymes that break down contaminants in water, resulting in a clear, healthy pond.

  • Naturally clarifies pond water
  • Safe for all plants and aquatic life
  • Concentrated, easy-to-use formula

Unlike harsh chemicals used in other water clarifiers, Fritz Barley Extract works over the course of several days. Fritz Pond Barley Extract is compatible with FritzZyme biological products and all other Fritz Pond conditioners and clarifiers.

Dosage and Instructions: If using as a initial dose, use 1 cup (8 oz) per 500 US Gallons (1,893 L). For maintenance dosing, add 1 oz (1/8 cup) per per 500 gallons. Add maintenance dose every other week. Discontinue use when water temperature falls below 45°F.

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