Aqueon Princess Castle Aquarium Kit for Bettas

Brand: Aqueon
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Type: Aquarium
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The Aqueon Princess Castle Betta Aquarium Kit provides an all-in-one habitat for first-time fish keepers. The kit includes a clear, half-gallon acrylic tank with a pink castle-shaped top, a decorative plant, gravel, and samples of food and water conditioner. Just add water and a fish!

  • 1/2 gallon aquarium & lid with feeding door
  • Includes gravel, plant, and Aqueon Betta Food & Betta Bowl Plus samples
  • Excellent starting kit for first-time fish owners
  • Great for a single betta or freshwater tropical fish

Note: Water conditioner is an important part of setting up a new tank. The sample of Betta Bowl included in this kit neutralizes harmful chloramines, ammonia, and heavy metals to help make tap water safe for fish.

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